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Mt. Everest Rongphu Rest House

Everest Rongbushi poor accommodation, tourists bring sleeping bags.

Tingri Tiger Guest house

Tingri Tiger Guest house 1997 under a new branch of the "Everest next two months Inn", located 60 kilometers from Mount Qomolangma old Tingri (post Ga), where the vast grassland broad vision, the next two months from the desk can watch artisans Thomas Chu-feng, 8,000 Friends of such famous peaks. The next two months the unique desk has a strong local Tibetan style, with 100 beds, a restaurant can also receive 50 guests, who had to wait-and-see in Taiwan, business centers, such as bars.


Address : Tibet Old Tingri county

So :0892 - 8262268

Tingri Shanghai Grand Hotel

Warmly Welcom You stay in Dingri Everest shanghai Hotel!


Dingri Everest Shanghai Hotel,affiliated to Shanghai Tibet-support Investment Group, is a comprehensive hotel construced according to "Two Star Hotel" standard, and is situated in the Dingri County.


The hotel has 3 deluxe suites,36 standard rooms, all of which are equipped with international and domestic telephones,and the hotel will offer you delicious Chinese-Style dish and Western-style dish,providing you with a chain service from eating,accommodation to entertaining and traveling.

Tibet Tingri Everest GuestHouse

Tibet Dingri Zhufeng Hotel is 100 km from the base camp of the world famous Quomolangma Peak, and 120 km from Gemagou Valley-reputed as the most beautiful valley on earth.


 The hotel has 180 beds, divided into standard room, Tibetan standard room, top-grade economic room and ordinary economic room. Moreover, Responding to the remoteness and high elevation of the area, the hotel also provide with necessities of traffic, communication and medical treatment for emergency caused by high altitude sickness and anoxia.

Zedang Dianxin Xuge Hotel(3 star)

Zedang Dianxin Xuge Hotel(3 star) is directly under the branch of the Tibetan Shannan telecommunications investment and a building area of 9800m2, according to the international standard three-star decorative hardware, combines accommodation, catering, entertainment, business and fitness for the comprehensive integration of three stars from hotels.


Hotels located in the southern areas of Hubei midway, transportation, communications, shopping, sightseeing and office are very convenient.


Shannan Hotel(2 star)

Shannan Hotel(2 star) (former hostel Shannan Prefecture), an aid project in Hubei Province, on May 1, 2001 officially started business on May 8, 2002, inaugurated the won-star, is a tourist spot foreign units. Hotels located in the Tibetan mountain town when Naze city center, transportation facilities, Tibet from the first Yungbulhakang, the first Buddhist temple Yungbulhakang, a drive of less than 20 minutes to arrive.


Sunshine Hotel

Sunshine Hotel located in downtown Lhasa, the famous Jokhang Temple, linked yuan sentinel Hotels, owners of luxurious, the standard among a total of 98. There are restaurants, retail shops, bicycle hire service, Tibetan and Chinese room, can provide rich ethnic characteristics of the Office of Tibetan flavor and unique Tibetan buffet.


Demarcation between :140-210 yuan / Inter -- Shop streak-40 yuan / bed

Address : Poly-Lhasa City Road on the 27th

Telephone Mandarin-6331124


Tibet Shangbala Youth Hotsel

Hotels description :


Tibetan traditional hotels and restaurants. Xiangbala Palace located in the Lhasa City Cultural Heritage Restoration Area Bakor street. It was based on the concept of traditional Tibetan culture to create a collection of rare accommodation and catering in one hotel. Its construction within the cabinet is the traditional Tibetan-style courtyard mainly construction.Owner :


10 super-luxury suites


Good taste the flavor of pure Game feast (a type of traditional Tibetan and Indian style, Nepal and Western-style)

Banak Shol Hotel

The Banak Shol Hotel (Balangxue luguan) is another popular hotel in Lhasa with a charming Tibetan-style courtyard.


The hotel offers basic dorms and a range of rooms with or without bathrooms. The cozy Tibetan style rooms fronted by verandas face into the inner courtyard and are really quite sweet.


Yak Hotel

Yak Hotel is located in the Old Town of Lhass, which is 5 minutes walking from Jokhang Temple, Ramoche Temple and Barkhore Area. It has 62 rooms and 185 beds, with hot water available 24-hour every day.


Add: 100 Beijing Rd.(E), Lhasa.


Tel: (0891)6323496

Fax: (0891)6336906

Snowlands Hotel

Snowlands Hotel located in the snow-covered city of Lhasa Bakor street behind the Bakor street walk to the time not more than three minutes, it is probably because it's location, this hotel business very singular good, especially many foreigners. The door to the small blackboard above are filled to travel around the assembly seatmate postings, the majority of English. Nepal, Kathmandu, is satisfied Yes, camphor, Nyingchi, according to the most popular sites, if time permits, really want to try to get to know some new traveling companion to discover some exotic scenery.


Lhasa Phuntso Lhasang International Youth Hostel

Lhasa Phuntso Lhasang International Youth Hostel area of about 3,000 square meters I have all 70 rooms, 220 beds I Zhang. A common standard, deluxe standard, the standard three, the bed between Lhasa and the only Japanese-style characteristics between the standard; , And four other people, five humans, six and eight man on earth as a wide selection of more human;


Lhasa Peace Hotel(2 star)

Lhasa Peace Hotel(2 star) is one Foreign sentinel Hotels and close to the Jokhang Temple, transport facilitation, the main lodging, food. Renovation has 38 luxury standard, single and suites, a central air-conditioning system, being adjustable, the tragic can accommodate 100 people while dining, the Chinese meal Sichuan, Guangdong, Western, possession of 1,061.


Address : Lhasa City Lin Road 1 on the 5th Avenue

Telephone Mandarin-6329874

Kirey Hotel

Kirey Hotel is located on the most auspicious day in Lhasa, Tibet's most busy section of Beijing Road, are private enterprises and collective enterprises. The terrain superior, convenient transportation and a beautiful environment. The hotel is linked to famous Jokhang Temple and the tracks were Balangjie Street. The third floor rooms can be seen in front of the magnificent Potala Palace.


Shangbala Hotel

The foreign catering hotel Shangbala is located in downtown Lhasa, near Barkhore Bazaar, with the resplendent Jokhang Temple on the east and the world-renowned Potala Palace on the west. Hence, your ideal place to stay for excursion and sightseeing, also with easy access to all great attractions.


Shangbala has the same meaning as Shangrila in Tibetan language. As a popular folk song goes: there's a beautiful land admired by people, where birds twitter and flowers blossom year round. It's known as Shangbala, an abode of the immortals, no grief, no distress......

Tibet Xiongbala Hotel( 3 star hotel)

Tibet Xiongbala Hotel opened in 2000 put to use three foreign stars hotels. Athens has Wealthy luxury suites, standards, a total of 83 sets of single rooms, equipped with central air-conditioning, elevator imports, direct dial telephone, CCTV, audio equipment, fire security systems, 24-hour hot and cold water supply. The unique style restaurants with strong ethnic characteristics, can provide Sichuan, Cantonese, Huaiyang dishes, possession of meals, food and other assorted delicacies, exotic dancing table food.


Address : Lhasa City, Jiangsu Road on the 28th

Snow Lotus Hotel(3 star)

Snow Lotus Hotels in Lhasa City Ice Village Road and southwest West junction (opposite District CPPCC), the two stars by the construction of the formal standards Hotels. From the world-famous "Potala Palace" adjacent away from the "Norbu Lingka," "Tibet Museum", Lhasa terminal only 1,000 meters. Traffic is extremely convenient. The hotel has 50 standard rooms, 10 single, which consists of tea, tea equipped with broadband Internet access.

Tibet Kailash Hotel(3 star)

Kailash hotels three stars on the construction of standard design is rich in the traditional Tibetan style foreign tourist hotels. The hotel is located in the Tibetan capital of Lhasa City, the nation's most prosperous areas, Beijing East Road 143, 200 meters east of the Jokhang Temple, the Bureau of 50 meters east of the magnificent Potala Palace solemn 800 meters.


North of India, Nepal, and the great Himalayas lies an ancient land unparalleled in its beauty and majesty. This land of Tibet, often referred to as the roof of the world, is the largest and highest plateau on earth. Its unique Buddhist culture, magnifice

In the morning of April 26th ,the first one 5 star deluxe holy hotel---Lhasa Ruiji Hotel lay a foundation in Lhasa.Its construction will end the history that there is no world standard 5 star hotel in Lhasa and improve the basic qualification of Tibet.


It is said that this hotel will be constructed at the southeast conjunction of Jiangsu Road and Liguo west Road with the price about 430 billion in the first investment,with the area of 31920 sq.m,about 175 guests suite.


The hotel will be opened at October in 2008.

Lhasa Xinding Hotel

Xinding hotel is a new five star standard hotel, belongs to Tibet mineral development Co.,Ltd . Located at in the prosperous golden district and the amusement center area--the sun islands . It is a five star standard hotel which provides guest rooms, dining, leisure...etc. it periphery contain facilitieses, such as supermarket, hospital and bank...etc., the transportation is also very convenient, only 5 minutes taxi to the World Heritage Sites of the Potala Palace, 10 minutes walk to Lhasa ancient area Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Market,ect.