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Kirey Hotel

Kirey Hotel is located on the most auspicious day in Lhasa, Tibet's most busy section of Beijing Road, are private enterprises and collective enterprises. The terrain superior, convenient transportation and a beautiful environment. The hotel is linked to famous Jokhang Temple and the tracks were Balangjie Street. The third floor rooms can be seen in front of the magnificent Potala Palace.


Hotel auspicious rise in recent years by the majority of mainland tourists love, and therefore become the first choice of many tourists hotels. The most auspicious day for hotel rooms and more ordinary, of which three to four human accounts. Auspicious hotel corridor very comfortable, everyday there are many tourists here chatting words. Hotel attendants auspicious morning urging guests will need to pay to clean clothes, letting the guests feel exceptionally warm.


Based on the most auspicious day for the hotel restaurant are also a lot of tourists go, every night here will be Tibetan opera performances, the simple performances can satisfy the curiosity of many tourists. The hotel is located at 105 Beijing Road, opposite has several tourists not to a small monastery, interested friends can go there to see.


Address : Beijing East Road on the 12thTelephone Mandarin-6323462