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Wild Life Safari

Brief Introduction

While the high Himalaya make up Nepal's northern region, the southern lowlands known as the Terai are covered with dense tropical jungles teeming with diverse wildlife and exotic birds. Here you will find some of the most exciting safari destinations in the world.


Royal Chitwan National Park:


The Royal Chitwan National Park is situated in the southern lowlands (the Terai) in Nepal. Chitwan (meaning 'heart of the jungle') is one of the finest  wildlife  reserves  in  Asia.   It is home to more than 700 species of birds and over 70 species of wild creatures including the endangered Royal Bengal Tiger, elephants, one-horned white rhinos, sloths and garial crocodiles, for example.

Royal Bardiya National Park:

Situated in the far west Terai of Nepal, the Royal Bardia National Park offers similar wildlife, eco-systems and landscape to Chitwan.
Being further away from the main tourist centres, Bardia is relatively uncrowded and unexplored. It is less tainted by the influences of modernity - offering a more natural and authentic experience.

Koshi Tappu Wild Life Reserve:

Situated in the south east of Nepal, the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve is a 'twitcher's (bird watcher's) paradise.
Established in 1996 and covering 175 square km., its numerous water holes, marshes and grasslands support a vast array of rare and endangered species of birds - as well as an important population of Asiatic Buffalo.