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Terms & Conditions

Normally to comfirm the tour with us, you need to pay us 20-30% of total agreed amount as deposit, and even some times 50% If the heavy airfares are involved in your trip. and the balance you can clear it 15 days before you depart for your trip.


Cancelation charge:

If you cancel the trip 60 days in advance, we charge only US200/per person cancelation fee.
If you cancel the trip 45 days in advance, we charge only US300/per person cancelation fee.
If you cancel the trip 30 days in advance, we charge US400/per person cancelation fee.
If you cancel the trip 15 days in advance, we charge US500/per person cancelation fee.
If you cancel the trip less than 15 days before departure date, full payment will be charged.

By 15 days before your scheduled departure your full payment should have arrived our account, and so if you cancel the trip within 15 days or failed to show up at last moment, there will be no refund from our agency.


How to pay us:

There are two ways we provided for our clients to pay us easily and safely.


1. Pay by credit card (we accept all major cedit cards).

You can pay us through worldwide paypal platform with your credit cards, our verified paypal account is contact@visittibet.com  there is a surcharge of 4% on top of your payment figure, if you pay through paypal, we ask our clients to bear this 4%. Because our rates offered to our clients are all decent ones with a promised decent service.

We have provided a short cut link on our website upper-right corner with a Paypal sign, just click it to proceed your payment with your credit cards.

If you are ready to pay by your credit card through the paypal platform and you are not familiar with the system, you can ask us to send you a paypal bill from our paypal account to your email address, and then you can just simply follow it up...

2. Pay by Bank Telex Transfer:

As you can calculate yourself, paying through paypal with 4% surcharge, so it is only workable with small amount advanced payment, if the total amount is over US1000 we do suggest our clients to pay us by bank telex transfer, which will take only 1-3 days to reach us, and it is also very safe. Please request us to send you our bank account details once you are ready to pay by bank telex transfer.