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Kumbum Monastery celebrates Lantern Festival

On the Lantern Festival, the fifteenth day of the first month in the lunar Year of Rabbit, which fell on Feb. 17 this year, the Kumbum Monastery saw many people enjoying traditional festivities (such as lion dance, dragon lantern dance, "land boat" dance, etc.) around, qhnews.com reported.

More than 200 bank lights exhibited on Heping Road attracted visitor's eyes. Later in the afternoon, huge crowds of people flowed to the Lusha'er Street. Thousands of colored lanterns were used to decorate the county town, making it more jubilant.

Twenty Buddhist lamas in Kumbum Monastery have been decorating the butter sculptures for more than 3 months, which attracted visitors home and abroad with life-like portraits, vivid mountains and rivers, buildings, flowers and trees.

Farmers living near the county hastened to the town in proud array with their families. Sixty-eight-year-old Tashi from one of the nearby villages was so excited that he hurried to the town for the traditional festivities.

"The agricultural tax has been canceled. Many villagers go and work outside. And students get subsidies, so we live a better life now." he said.