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Lhasa: all-year-round tourist resort

Lhasa, capital city of Tibet Autonomous Region enjoys many renowned historical relics. You can enjoy its scenery any time of the year.

"It is believed that July and August are the best time to visit Lhasa. So there is always a short supply in this period. Tourists shall make their reservations about 40 days in advance in the tourism season."Duan Yinrong, vice director of Lhasa Tourism Bureau introduced.

"The Potala Palace only hosts 3,000 tourists each day and each tourist group can only visit for one hour. Tour guides will be fined for overtime visits of their tourist groups,"Duan added.

He also pointed out that actually Lhasa is an all--year-round tourist resort, especially in winter when the weather is suitable and price is favorable.

Lhasa has put forward relevant tourism policies for the protection of historical relics. Take the Potala Palace as an  example, it has taken measures to limit its daily admissions, visiting duration and routes.

Tibet is not only the destination of world tourists but also the paradise for pilgrims.