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MeiyuGrassland: fairyland amid snowy mountains

Just like its name meaning "beautiful jade", the Meiyu Grassland looks like a fairyland in peace and tranquility surrounded by snowy mountains, about 93 kilometers away northwest of the midtown of Zogang County, southeast Tibet's Chamdo Prefecture.The grassland lies near the Milestone 3680 along the State Highway 308, with only one country road for people to come in and out. No eye-catching ads nor posters, only one road sign to guide travelers.

Getting closer, you will get enchanted by its natural beauty, or even more amazed by its fairyland-like prairie. Fertile grassland, grazing yaks and horses… herders are right there picnicking in the open air not far away from their living quarter.As the only grazing area in Zogang, the 1,096 square-kilometer Meiyu Grassland is now home to 4,422 people in 648 local households.Influenced by the vastness of nature, people there are very friendly and hospitable. You will be easily fascinated by the fresh air mixed with flower and grass fragrance, as well as the giggle of the Kham women (Kham refers to the eastern part of Tibet as called in the past).You will be even surprised when local kids salute and say "hello" to you in English on their way home after school.