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Tsurpu Monastery hosts wintry 'sorcerer's dance' ritual

"Sorcerer's dance" performances are hosted as a Tibetan Buddhist ritual every year in Tsurpu Monastery, just one day before the Wintry Puja.This winter sorcerer is named "Godor Sanggar", meaning "dancing to expel the evil spirit on the 29th day in Tibetan December". On this day, over 100 lamas in ceremonious religious costumes will complete the 5-hours sorcerer's dance in Tsurpu Monastery, to dispel ghosts and evils, praying for auspiciousness and happiness in the upcoming new year.Tsurpu Monastery is a representative Buddhist site of Garma Gagyu lineage, one of the four major sects of Tibetan Buddhism.The monastery is located in Tohlung Dechen County, about 70 kilometers away from Lhasa.