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18 days Everest Advance Base Camp Trek

Tour type: Tibet trekking adventures


Total no. of days: 18


Land cost inside Tibet: 4-5 pax: US$ 4900 per person ~ 6-9 pax: US$ 4500 per person ~ single supplement US$ 250.


5 fixed departures in 2013: (dates meeting in Lhasa)

20 April, 07 May, 08 June
10 September, 05 October


I am sure many of you have dreamed of standing below Mt. Everest and staring up at the world's largest mountain towering above you. You are now being given a once in a lifetime opportunity to live your dream and truly experience the magic of Mt. Everest...


Unparalleled views of everest can be seen clearly from the Base Camps. We will hike to one of the highest points on earth without the aid of crampons, ice picks, and all the technical equipment.


Our journey will begin with some wonderful sightseeing in the ancient town of Lhasa. This wondrous city is generally regarded as the heart of Tibet and is filled with unparalleled history, culture, and beauty. the Potala Palace dominates the skyline with its powerful and ancient architecture. The numerous temples and monasteries surrounding the city, such as the Jokhang and Drepung, allow travelers to experience Tibetan buddhism first hand. A visit to these ancient monasteries will leave you with a sense of astonishment for years to come! along the way to everest we will also experience buddhist culture in the awe-inspiring towns of Shigatse and Gyantse. What an amazing journey this is!




Day 01 fly Kathmandu [1400m] - Lhasa [3680m]


Day 02 sightseeing in Lhasa


Day 03 sightseeing in Lhasa


Day 04 free day in Lhasa


Day 05 drive Lhasa - Gyantse [3950m] 261 km


Day 06 sightseeing & drive Gyantse - Shigatse [3900m] 90km


Day 07 sightseeing & drive Shigatse - Shegar [New Tingri: 4050m] 244km


Day 08 drive Shegar - Rongbuk [5000m] 68km


Day 09 rest day at Base Camp


Day 10 rest day at Base Camp


Day 11 trek from Everest Base Camp to Camp 1 [5460m]


Day 12 trek to Interim Camp [5760m]


Day 13 rest day at Interim Camp


Day 14 trek to Camp 2 [5970m]


Day 15 trek to Camp 3 [6340m] and return to Camp 2


Day 16 return to Base Camp


Day 17 drive Base Camp - Nyalam 215km


Day 18 drive Nyalam - Kathmandu [1400m] 153km


Detailed Itinerary:


Day 01 Fly Kathmandu [1400m] - Lhasa [3660m] or from mainland China side by air or train


After flying a long time to Nepal I am sure you dread another day of flying. However, this remarkable flight last only an hour while crossing the himalayan range. As you may expect the striking mountain views surround you the entire time. Once you arrive at Gonggar airport, an easy two hour drive will take you to your final destination of the traditional hotel. The remainder of the day can be spent relaxing and exploring some of the many sights in Lhasa.


Day 02 In Lhasa


Haven't you always dreamed of visiting the ancient Tibetan monasteries? Our knowledgeable english speaking guide will show you everything there is to see in some of these renowned sights. First off we will explore the beautifully preserved Sera Monastery. Many of the pictures you see of tibet are of these buildings with their white washed walls and golden roofs. To this day several hundred monks live and study in this architecture. The afternoon will be spent in exploring the Jokhang Temple and Norbulingka. The norbunglinka is another astounding piece of architecture and was once the Summer Palace of the Dalai Lama. Jokhang Temple will provide you one of your first sights of devout Tibetans, as hundreds visit this sacred shrine each day. The central market of Lhasa, the Barkor, surrounds the Jokhang Temple. In these cobbled streets you can experience more Tibetan culture and even purchase some amazing crafts.


Day 03 In Lhasa


To explore some of the ancient quarters of the Dalai Lama we will visit Potala Palace in the morning. Be prepared for astonishment as this grand palace has been around since before the 17th century. To add even more history and culture we will also visit Drepung Monastery. Once home to over 10,000 monks, the Drepung Monastery is still a beautiful sight to see. Miraculously it was one of the few sights to escape the cultural revolution without widespread damage.


Day 04 In Lhasa


Today is a day for you to relax, properly acclimatize, and further explore Lhasa. the choices range from enjoying a meal in one of the excellent restaurants to exploring more monasteries or browsing in the towns markets. Take it easy and have a great day!


Day 05 Drive Lhasa - Gyantse


In the morning we will depart from Lhasa and travel in land cruisers along the friendship highway. Numerous passes, such as Khambo La and Kharo La, provide wondrous views of the himalayan range. A colossal glacier rises nearly straight up from the road as we pas Kharo La. The drive is no daunting task as we pass through many more beautiful Tibetan valleys and quiet villages along the way. Our final destination is the comfortable hotel in Gyantse..


Day 06 Drive Gyantse [3950m] - Shigatse [3900m] 90km


We will be given the opportunity of experiencing more wondrous Tibetan culture as we see the Gyantse Dzong and Kumbum. Expansive views of the valley can be seen from the ancient dzong fort. The Kumbum is much more than a stupa, as it is surrounded by numerous Tibetan murals and small chapel houses. Even if you are no art connoisseur you will be amazed by these ancient murals and architecture.
We continue on with a short drive to Shigatse, the second largest city in Tibet. Not a minute is wasted as we have a full afternoon of exploring the local markets and monasteries. It is very intriguing to see how ancient Tibetan culture compares to the modern day culture we will experience. There are endless amounts of sights, both modern and ancient, to see around this city. the night will be spent in tibetan style hotel.


Day 07 Drive Shigatse - Shegar [New Tingri]


Once more we will drive along the Friendship Highway and immerse ourselves in the wondrous views of the Tibetan plateau. Along the way we will cross our highest pass of the journey, Gyamtso La, as well as numerous nomadic herders. The night will be spent in the comfortable hotel in Shegar.


Day 08 Drive Shegar [4050m] - Rongbuk


We will leave Shegar in the morning and cross the Pang La Pass. The view from the top is truly awe-inspiring as nearly the ntire himalayas are laid out before you. This may be your first real glimpse of Everest.


Day 09 Rongbuk Everest Base Camp


Our ninth day will be spent in enjoying the barren yet awe-inspiring surroundings of the Everest Base Camp. It is a life changing experience to stare up into the world's largest mountain. We will slowly begin to acclimatize.


Day 10 Rongbuk Everest Base Camp


To be safe, another day must be spent properly acclimatizing in Rongbuk. You can relax during the day and explore the area even further.


Day 11 Trek from Everest Base Camp to Camp 1 [5460m]


Our first challenging trek will be made to Base Camp 1. Along the way we can explore the Rongbuk Glacier and surrounding areas. The views around this massive glacier are some of the best in the world. We will take a trail that rises to the east side of this ice cap and heads toward the peak of Mt. Everest. The hike is fairly short, but the high altitude may still be hard for many so relax today and enjoy exploring this amazing area.


Day 12 Trek to Interim Camp [5760m]


Our trekking trail today will meander over gravel hills to the west of the glacier. Another scenic day awaits us as we spend the night at the Interim Camp. Ice pinnacles surround us in all directions. What an amazing experience!


Day 13 Rest day in Interim Camp


Today is another day to rest and properly acclimatize. We are now at extremely high altitudes, and must take all necessary safety precautions! Small excursions can be taken today and wonderful pictures abound.


Day 14 Trek to Camp 2 [5970m]


Today we ascend even farther into the intricate maze of ice as we meet up with the Changste Glacier. It is such an incredible experience to be hiking on the world's highest mountain! Today our camp is even more beautiful than past sites. We are surrounded on all sides by varying glaciers and hanging ice. The serac highway protrudes a gravel point into the center of these amazing ice formations.


Day 15 Trek to ABC [6340m] and return to Camp 2


It is completely up to you today whether you want to spend the night at Base Camp 3 or simply hike there during the day and return to Base Camp 2. The walk will be much more enjoyable tomorrow if we stay at the second Base Camp. However, if you wish we can spend the night at an even higher altitude and impressive location. Camp 3 lies in the center of flattened gravel mounds next to the glacier. Today we can observe many of the challenging pinnacles, ridges, and even the rock summit of Everest. Camp 3 is only 2400 meters from the top. What a sight it is to finally arrive at nearly the highest point in the world!


Day 16 Return to Base Camp


Today is a long day as we cruise downhill back towards the first Base Camp. Wonderful sights abound as we leave this amazing peak.


Day 17 Drive Rongbuk - Nyalam


On our second to last day we will rejoin the Friendship Highway and experience another amazing drive through Tibet. Once again we will cross two high passes with magnificent himalayan views. Towards the end of the day we will descend from the Tibetan plateau and arrive in Nyalam. It is a huge relief for many to arrive back in this lush town with showers and beds.


Day 18 Drive Nyalam - Kathmandu


Today is a sad day for most as we end our journey. In the morning we will cross the Friendship Bridge and head back into Nepal. We must bid a fond farewell to our Tibetan guide and go through all the necessary border paperwork. Our Nepalese staff will meet you on the other side and take you your last five hours into Kathmandu.


5 fixed departures in 2013: (dates meeting in Lhasa)

20 April, 07 May, 08 June
10 September, 05 October

Land cost inside Tibet: 4-5 pax: US$ 2450 per person ~ 6-9 pax: US$ 2200 per person ~ single supplement US$ 250.


Cost included: Hotels on BB basis - tourist standard in Lhasa and where possible en route guest houses in Rongbuk, Tingri and Nyalam, full board trek services supported by Tibetan or Nepalese sherpa crews, transportation by 4wd land cruisers, Tibetan guide, entry fees, travel permits, transfers to/from airports and border.

Cost not included: Flights into Lhasa, lunch and evening meals during hotel stays, rescue and medical expenses, personal expenses, personal travel insurance, hotels in Kathmandu, Tibet Group Visa cost (if enter from Kathmandu, Nepal side, our Nepal office will handle the process). expenses not mentioned above.

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