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20 days fly into Lhasa, Kailash, overland into Nepal

tour type: mt. kailash and lake mansarovar tour
duration: 20 days
11 fixed departures in 2013:
16 april              14, 23 may,       11, 18 june,             02 july,
13, 20 august,  17, 24 september,   01 october
above dates are the dates people meet in lhasa counting on the program day 01
this amazing tour will lead you to one of the most revered holy sites in the entire world. the hindus, buddhists, and bon followers all believe that a walk around this site erases all the sins of your life. simply gazing up at this 6714 meter high peak is a memory which will last forever. do not miss this rare opportunity to immerse yourself in ancient culture and religion!
our trip will also take us to lake mansarovar, another holy site close to mt. kailash. experience more religion and culture as you walk with around this wondrous lake with both indian and tibetan pilgrims. the trip will end with an unparalleled drive through the tibetan plateau. come join us for this highly religious experience!
day 01 arrival in lhasa [3650m] by train, or air from china or nepal 
day 02 sightseeing in lhasa
day 03 sightseeing in lhasa
day 04 free day in lhasa
day 05 drive to gyantse [3950m]
day 06 sightseeing & drive to shigatse [3900m]
day 07 sightseeing & drive to lhatse [4050m]
day 08 drive to saga [4600m]
day 09 drive to paryang [4750m]
day 10 drive to manasarovar [4560m]
day 11 at manasarovar
day 12 drive to tarboche [4750m]
day 13 trek to dira-puk
day 14 trek to zutul-puk [4790m]
day 15 trek to darchen [4560m]
day 16 drive to paryang [4750m]
day 17 drive to saga [4600m]
day 18 drive to peiko-tso
day 19 drive to zhangmu [2300m]
day 20 drive to kathmandu [1400m]
detailed itinerary:
day 1 - arrival in lhasa by train or air from china side, or air from nepal side
once you arrive at gonggar airport or lhasa train station, an easy one hour or half hour drive will take you to your hotel centrally located in lhasa, such as kailash hotel, dhood gu hotel, yak hotel, shambala hotel...all with walking distance to jorkhang sqaure. the remainder of the day can be spent relaxing for acclimatization.
day 2 - exploring lhasa
haven't you always dreamed of visiting the ancient tibetan monasteries? our knowledgeable english-speaking guide will show you everything there is to see in some of these renowned sights. first off we will explore the beautifully preserved sera monastery. many of the pictures you see of tibet are of these buildings with their white washed walls and golden roofs. to this day several hundred monks live and study in this architecture. the afternoon will be spent in exploring the jokhang temple and norbulingka. the norbunglinka is another astounding piece of architecture and was once the summer palace of the dalai lama. jokhang temple will provide you one of your first sights of devout tibetans, as hundreds visit this sacred shrine each day. the central market of lhasa, the barkor, surrounds the jokhang temple. in these cobbled streets you can experience more tibetan culture and even purchase some amazing crafts.
day 3 - further exploration of lhasa
to explore some of the ancient quarters of the dalai lama we will visit potala palace in the morning. be prepared for astonishment as this grand palace has been around since before the 17th century. to add even more history and culture we will also visit drepung monastery. once home to over 10,000 monks, the drepung monastery is still a beautiful sight to see. miraculously it was one of the few sights to escape the cultural revolution without widespread damage.
day 4 - free day in lhasa
today is a day for you to enjoy yourself and further explore the ancient city of lhasa. it is completely up to you on how you spend your day. many like to explore the city further, immerse themselves in buddhist culture, or just relax in one of the city's excellent restaurants. the locals are friendly and the sights are amazing.
day 5 - lhasa to gyantse
in the morning we will depart from lhasa and travel in land cruisers along the friendship highway. numerous passes, such as khambo la and kharo la, provide wondrous views of the himalayan range. a colossal glacier rises nearly straight up from the road as we pass kharo la. the drive is no daunting task as we pass through many more beautiful tibetan valleys and quiet villages along the way. our final destination is the first class gyantse hotel.
day 6 - gyantse to shigatse
we will be given the opportunity of experiencing more wondrous tibetan culture as we see the gyantse dzong and kumbum. expansive views of the valley can be seen from the ancient dzong fort. the kumbum is much more than a stupa, as numerous tibetan murals and small chapel houses surround it. even if you are no art connoisseur these ancient murals and architecture will amaze you.
we continue on with a short drive to shigatse, the second largest city in tibet. not a minute is wasted as we have a full afternoon of exploring the local markets and monasteries. it is very intriguing to see how ancient tibetan culture compares to the modern day culture we will experience. there are endless amounts of sights, both modern and ancient, to see around this city.
day 07 - drive to lhatse
a short drive will take us to the small town of lhatse. along the way we will visit the beautiful sakya monastery. towering walls surround this intricate maze of ancient monasteries and red and white striped buildings. after exploring for a while we will spend the night in lhatse
day 08 - drive to saga
our final destination today is the small town of saga. we will cover many miles during the day but also encounter alluring river valleys and scattered villages.
day 09 - drive to paryang
even more gorgeous tibetan landscape will surround us as we drive to paryang. today is arguably one of the most beautiful days of our entire journey.
day 10 - drive to manasarovar
after several river crossings we will finally arrive at the shores of lake manasarovar. prepare for one of the most awe-inspiring and holy places you have ever seen.
day 11 - at manasarovar
today will be a day to rest and experience the magic of this holy site. we will take it easy but also meet with local pilgrims and visit the beautiful chiu monastery. mt. kailash looms in the distance.
day 12 - drive to tarboche
after only a 35 km drive we will reach tarboche. tarboche marks the start of our religious 53 km trek around the mountain. finally we have arrived!
day 13 - trek to dira-puk
from tarboche, we walk up the lha chu valley through beautiful green meadows and streams with mt kailash towering above us. we follow the river, which enters a narrow canyon with high, steep cliffs and spectacular waterfalls. continuing up the valley, the north face of kailash comes into view before we reach the 13th century monastery at dira-puk
day 14 - trek to zutul-puk
we now leave the lha chu valley and enter the drolma chu valley, heading up towards a high pass, the drolma la [5630m]. it's a tough climb to the summit which is festooned with prayer flags but from there it is all downhill or flat to zutul-puk, with views of one of the highest lakes in the world, thukpe dzingbu lake, known as the lake of compassion. as well as the monastery at zutul-puk, there are several meditation caves and another cave containing an image of milarepa
day 15 - trek to darchen
on the final day of the kora we cross several streams, and follow an impressive gorge. along the way we are once again treated to magnificent views of kailash. we then enter the bharka plain and it's about an hour's walk through this desert-like landscape to darchen.
day 16 - drive to paryang
today is a long drive, about 300km, to paryang. along the way, we cross the mayun-la and make several river crossings. the scenery along this section is some of the most panoramic of the entire journey.
day 17 - drive to saga
today is another driving day as we head towards saga. take in the sights of the small dusty towns along the way! today gives us more time to appreciate this truly ancient tibetan culture.
day 18 - drive to peiku-tso
in the morning we will take a ferry across the yarlung tsangpo [brahmaputra river]. as we continue our journey stunning himalayan views surrounds us once again. some of the attractions include shishapangma and our end destination of peiku-tso, a large majestic lake.
day 19 - drive to zhangmu
another 180 kilometers is tackled as we head down the friendship highway. along the way we pass through the small town of nyalam. after nyalam we descend down through a mossy gorge and brilliant cascading waterfalls. we will spend the night in zhangmu, a border town.
day 20 - drive to kathmandu
in the morning we cross the bhote kosi river using the friendship bridge. at this point we must bid a fond farewell to our tibetan guide and go through all the border formalities. our last night will be spent in the bustling city of kathmandu. sadly our trip has come to an end.
11 fixed departures in 2013:
16 april              14, 23 may,       11, 18 june,             02 july,
13, 20 august,  17, 24 september,   01 october

above dates are the dates people meet in lhasa counting on the program day 01

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