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5 days Lhasa tour

Tour Type: Easy Culture Tours
Duration:5 days
This classical tour will lead participants through the ancient city of Lhasa. This wondrous city is generally regarded as the heart of Tibet and is filled with unparalleled history, culture, and beauty. The Potala Palace dominates the skyline with its powerful and ancient architecture. The numerous temples and monasteries surrounding the city, such as the Jokhang and Drepung, allow travelers to experience Tibetan Buddhism first hand. A visit to these ancient monasteries will leave you with a sense of astonishment for years to come!
First rate accommodation will be provided in the Dhood Gu Hotel or Yak Hotel, Shangbala Hotel, Gorkha Hotel etc (3 stars hotel with nice locations), a traditional Tibetan hotel located conveniently close to nearly all major attractions in Lhasa. It is not easy to get bored in Lhasa as there is so much to see and explore. What an incredible experience it will be!
Travel To Lhasa - Day 1 - Arrival in Lhasa
Travel To Lhasa - Day 2 - Visit Jokhang Temple, Barkor and Sera Monastery
Travel To Lhasa - Day 3 - Visit Potala Palace and Drepung Monastery
Travel To Lhasa - Day 4 - Shopping around Lhasa
Travel To Lhasa - Day 5 - Depart to your next destination
Day 1 - Arrival in Lhasa by train or air
Once you arrive at Gonggar airport or Lhasa Train Station, an easy one hour or half hour drive will take you to your final destination of the traditional Dhood Gu Hotel. The remainder of the day can be spent relaxing and exploring some of the many sights in Lhasa.
DAY 02 - In Lhasa
On this second day morning we will take an easy visit to Jokhang Temple. This temple is the most revered shrine in all of Tibet and is constantly bustling with devout worshippers. We will also be given the opportunity to shop in Barkor, the crowded central market of Lhasa. In the afternoon we will visit Sera Monastery, a fifteenth century sprawl of golden roofs and whitewashed walls. This well preserved monastery is located just a few miles North of Lhasa and is home to several hundred monks. Its famous debating activities are happening 3-4pm quite regularly every day, so remind our guide not to miss it.
DAY 03 - In Lhasa
A trip to Tibet would not be complete without experiencing the vital Potala Palace. This palace is Lhasa's cardinal landmark and is a wonder of Eastern architecture. Your first site of this massive structure will be a magical moment remembered for years to come. It has been a palace since the fifth or sixth century and was once home to the Dalai Lama. This truly amazing day will ended with a visit to the Drepung Monastery. Once the world's largest monastery, housing 10,000 monks, Drepung monastery lies hidden in rocky ridges just beyond the city. Surprisingly much of the building was left untouched throughout hundreds of years.
Day 4 - Final day in Lhasa
Three days is never enough to take in all the wondrous sights and sounds of Lhasa. Today is more of a free day for participants to do whatever they choose. It is completely up to you whether you want to relax, explore further, revisit one of the monasteries, go for a hike, peruse the market, or just interact with locals. For additional money tours can be taken to Tibetan Medical Centre, Ganden Monastery and Tsurphu Monastery. The main thing is to just enjoy yourself and experience a little more of Tibet.
Day 5 - Fly back to Kathmandu
Sadly, it is time to board the plane once more. However, the wondrous views on the return flight give you time to reflect on your life-changing experience and think of all you have seen.
*You can start this trip entering from Kathmandu, in Nepal side, as well as from Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Canton (Guangzhou), Chongqing, Kuming, Xian, Xining, etc, please  choose the way into Lhasa as per your convenience in China.

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