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Sichuan-Tibet Route of 317 (South Route) to 318(North Route)

Tibet Chengdu Land Adventure Tour by 4 Wheel Drived Jeep (12 Days)




Reference Journey of South Sichuan-Tibet Route:


Day 1: Lhasa Namtso Stay over: Namtso

Attractions: Holy Lake Namtso


Day2:Namtso Naqu stay over: Naqu

Attractions: Qiangtang Grassland, the nature scenery


Day3: Naqu Baqing Stay Over: Baqing

Attractions:the Natural scenery


Day4: Baqing Dingqing Stay Over: Dingqing

Attractions: Zhizhu Monastery, the holy land of Ben tuition


Day5: Dingqing Changdu Stay Over: Changdu

Attractions: Changzhu Monastery, Lanchang River


Day6: Changdu Jiangda Stay Over: Jiangda

Attractions: Mt. Aila


Day7: Jiangda Manigange Stay Over: Manigange

Attractions: Mt. Que'er, Yulonglhatso


Day8: Manigange Luhuo Stay Over: Luhuo

Attractions: Kasa Lake, Ganzi Monastery


Day9:Luhuo Bamei Stay Over: Bamei

Attractions: Longdeng Grassland, Bei Tower--The largest tower in the Tibetan Area


Day10: Bamei Xindu Bridge Kangding Stay Over: Kangding

Attractions: Xindu Bridge---The paradise for photographing, Mt. Zheduo, Mt. Paoma


Day11: Kangding Hailuogou Stay Over: Hailuogou

Attractions: Tagong (Lhagang) Grassland & Monastery, Dadu River Valley.


Day12: Hailuogou Chengdu(319km) Stay Over

Attractions: Mt. Er'lang, Erlang Mountain Tunnel, Ya'an, Qingyi River,


Sick Road and Chama Ancient Road.


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