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Sichuan-Tibet318 Route (South Route)

Tibet Chengdu Land Adventure Tour by 4 Wheel Drived Jeep (10 Days) Starting from Tibet

Duration: 10

Refference Journey of South Sichua-Tibet Route:

Day1:Lhasa Bayi (401 Km) Say Over: Bayi (Hotel: Standard Room)

Attractions:Basum Tso, Niyang River


Day2: Bayi Bomi (235Km) Stay Over: Bomi (Common Room)

Attractions:the huge cypress wood in bajie Village that is called " World King of Cypress", Mt. Shjila, Natural Danger of Tongmai


Day3: Bomi Rog(129Km) Stay Over: Raog

Attractions:Raog Lake, Midui Glacier


Day4:  Visit Raog Lake Stay Over:Raog

Attractions:Raog Lake, Laigu Glacier


Day5: Raog Lake Basu (90Km) Stay Over in Basu

Attractions: Tibetan Villages


Day6: Basu Mangkang(359 Km) Stay Over:beside Jinsha River

Attractions: Ninety-Nine Turns, Bathing natural warm spring


Day7:Mangkang Xindu Bridge (489km) Stay Over: Xindu Bridge

Attractions:Xindu Bridge-The paradise for photographing


On the eighth day, there are two routes for you to select


Day8:Xindu Bridge Hailuogou (180Km) Stay Over: Hailuogou

Attractions: Dadu River & Hailuogou Scenic Zone


Day9: Visit Hailuogou Scenic Zone (Hailuogou & Mt .Gongga) Stay Over Hailuogou

Attractions:Hailuogou Modern Oceanic Galcier, Mt. Gongga


Day10:Hailuogou Chengdu (319Km)

Attractions: Mt. Er'lang, Erlang Mountain Tunnel, Ya'an, Qingyi River,


Sick Road and CHama Ancient Road.


Route 2:


Day8: Xindu Bridge Danba Stay Over: Danba

Attractions: Dangba-The Country with Thousands of Pillboxes.


Jiaju Tibetan Village of Danba


Day9:Danba Mt. Siguniang (Mt. Four Sisters) Stay Over: Mt. Siguniang

Attractions: The Siguniang (Four Sisters) Mountain Scenic Zone.


Shuangqiao (Double Bridge) Gully, Changping(Long Flats) Gully and Haizhi (Lake) Gully.


Day10:Mt. Siguniang Chengdu

Attractions: Mount Qingcheng and the Dujiangyan irrigation system. Panda Adventure (Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding)


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