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Mountaineering Expeditions

13 Days Mt. Kyizi Expedition (6206m) with Lhasa & Vicinities tour

The great holy Mt. Kyizi, looks like head of dog, Kyi in Tibetan means dog, and zi equals head, that is why the mountain gets it name.
Mt. Kyizi expedition is not as hard as climbing the Great Holy Mountain Cho Oyu, but you still need to do full preparation, because it is not like easy normal Tibet trekking tours, it is still very challenging, the basic climbing learners regard this as a good training center. Come to join this Tibet expedition tour, with our help...

11 days Conquering Luzi Peak [6154m]

Luzi Peak, looking like the head of sheep, locates in the west part of Nyanchen Thanglha Mountain Chains, and stands 6154 meters above sea level. Adjoining to Mt. Kyizi, conquering Luzi Peak is as easy as conquering Kyizi Peak.


Best season for this expedition is from April to May and from September to October.


13 days Mt. Thanglha Angchu[6330m] Expedition


Great Mt. Thanglha Angchu, 6330m above sea level, located in Damxung County area ( 186 km northeast of Lhasa city), is the middle part of Nyanchen Thanglha Mountain Chains. Thanglha Angchu in Tibetan language, it means the "Confucian classics teacher" of the Nyanchen Thanglha Mountain.


This expedition is the preferred one among all the mountaineering expeditions in Tibet because it is secondary difficult to conquer. This is a nice training basis for mountaineering.


18-26 days Lhakpa Ri [7045M] climb

Trek to the foot of Everest in Tibet and even ascend Lhakpa Ri if you choose. We will help you fulfill your lifelong dream of exploring the highest mountains in the world! Never again will you be given this opportunity to climb majestic 7000 meter peaks like these!


14 days Samdain Kangsang[6590m] Expedition

The peak of Mt. Samdain Kangsang is 6590 meters above sea level...

Mt. Samdain Kangsang is 100 km away from the administrative center of Nakchu... our first transitional base camp in Nabuzha or Balindo...convenient to transport all the foods or equipments to this interim base camp, as well as keeping in touch with necessary people in case of any emergency. From here ...then climb up along the Yugkyung Qu to the end of the glacier [5200m] area where we set up our Base Camp, 3 hours is needed to take. After one day rest in Base Camp, we are going to set up our second transitional base camp [Interim Base Camp2, 5800m], and then climb up to set up the Camp 2 [6000m]for challenging the peak [6590].


34 days Mt. Nojin Kangsang Expedition (7206m) with easy Lhasa-Namtso-Everest Base Camp program

Mt. Nojin Kangsang, in Tibetan Language, it stands for a malevolent spirit living on the noble snowy mountain. Nojin Kangsang is the main peak of the Lhagoi Kangri Shan range, which rises between the town Gyangtse (4045m) and the holy lake Yamdrok Tso, southwest of the Tibetan capital Lhasa.
Mt. Nojin Kangsang was firstly conquered on April 28, 1986 by a Chinese-Tibetan mountaineering team, from then on, many mountaineers tried to, and some of them succeeded, but some failed. Since 3 years ago, we have been doing continual hard work to help mountaineers to conquer this, and with our professional service, more and more climbers will conquer, this is our dream.

50 Days Cho Oyu Expedition (8201m) with Lhasa & Vicinities tour

The Cho Oyu peak, standing high above the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau's Nepal / Tibet border, is an ideal choice for mountaineers who are ready to test themselves on the eight thousands. The world's sixth highest mountain, like Everest is to the locals a holy mountain. It was first climbed by S. Moechler, H. Tichy and p. Dawa Lama in 1954. On a good day the view from the summit plateau is breathtaking, in a sweep you take in the entire panorama of peaks of Everest, Lhotse, Nuptse, Chamlang, Ama Dablam and other peaks of the Khumbu. The Austrians were the first to step onto the snow-dome summit of Cho Oyu back in 1954.