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Rafting in Tibet

Brief Introduction

From most descriptions of Tibet it is hard to believe that Tibet is home to a large number of spectacular rivers.  In the summer months regular rains swell Tibet's rivers and the result is a surprising number of world class rafting and kayaking rivers.


We have employed international guides who work along side our Tibetan guides to ensure a very high standard of safety, service and cultural experience. We offer a variety of river trips, from class 1 float trips to class 4 whitewater.


Lhasa River (Kyi Chu)

Class 1 float trip
Approx. 20 km and 2-3 hours on the water

The Lhasa River is the perfect run for those looking for a spectacular scenic trip and not too much action. It is an ideal way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and gain a different perspective of Lhasa and the Lhasa Valley. We use oar rafts...


Tolung Chu

Class II and III whitewater
Approx. 20 km and 2-3hrs on the water
The Tolung Chu is a fun whitewater adventure only 1 hour from Lhasa. It is a perfect introduction to whitewater rafting in Tibet. You do not have to be able to swim, but it is recommended that you are physically fit and have acclimatized in Lhasa for a few days as you will be required to paddle and move around the raft. This is our most popular trip for those that only have a short time in Lhasa.

Drigung Chu

Class III / IV whitewater
1 Day trip 25km rafting and 3-4 hours on the water
2 Day option  40km rafting and 2 days on the water
The Drigung Chu is situated in an exquisite alpine valley about 2 hours from Lhasa.  Continuous class III rapids are interspersed with incredible granite gorges and challenging class IV rapids.

Reting Tsangpo

Class III / IV whitewater
100km and 4 days on the water

 This incredible river journey was first paddled by Wind Horse in spring 2005.  We access the Reting Tsangpo by its north fork, putting into a small alpine stream with incredible views of the Nyenchen Thanglha range near Lake Namtso...


Custom River Adventures

We welcome the chance to explore new rivers and help you with your first descents. Our staff is experienced with river logistics and we can provide the best possible support for your river expedition. We have organized and accomplished many kayaking and rafting first descents in all parts of Tibet...